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A little something to get you in the mood…Mark’s friend Bryan Larkin was the director of photography.

If Mark is actually watching TV and knows who K-Stew & R-Pat are, the apocalypse must be coming….

Here, Mark starts out correcting Deena then moves on to our other friends as well…he just can’t help himself.  I am happy not to be a writer. I am the boss but not a writer. Just sayin’.

Grammar Nazi - Mark Rice

From a Reader’s Perspective:

Many people have the opinion that self-published books are usually of lower quality than books from established publishing houses.  Yet most voracious readers have ploughed through mainstream-published books that aim for mass appeal, but contain little or no originality. Both self-published books and those from large publishers are often peppered with grammatical errors and misspelled words. We don’t believe in creating a war between authors, just as we don’t believe in literary snobbery; quality literature is quality literature, regardless of its mode of production. We want to hear your opinions (complimentary and/or constructively critical) of self-published books you’ve read. Have you perceived differences in quality between self-published and mainstream-published books? If so, what are these differences? Please avoid sweeping statements and wide-ranging generalisations; we’re looking for specifics.

Leave a comment below or send your response to bluebonnets.bagpipes.and.books@gmail.com. We may mention some responses in a future podcast.


A little something to get you in the mood for this weeks podcast that will be uploaded later tonight. Can you guess who the Ramblin’ Man is???


Janet Wrenn – B,B and B Podcast regular – did for her series Aspire & Inspire, she spoke with Charity Parkerson, author of The Sinners Series, the Sexy Witches Series, and soon-to-be-released A Splash of Hope. Janet asked Charity such hard-hitting questions as whether she would she choose handcuffs or cat o’nine tails, how she got started with podcasts, and which of her characters is her favorite.  Read this funny and off-beat interview here.

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A little something to get you in the mood for this weeks podcast that will be uploaded later tonight.

This is song is not a rebel song…


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