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Indie Publishing Podcast – Episode 10: Just the Two of Us

Deena & Mark are alone this week and discuss everything from writing competitions to famous author advice. Of course it’s not all business for these two; they also discuss Wee Bossy Baby’s potty training, Mark wearing Deena’s underwear and cactus in the butt. Happy Birthday, Helle!

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The new location is much-ado-aboot-puppets-trolls-indie-publishing-podcast

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We can also be found on TalkShoe as BluebonnetsBagpipes&Books

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Janet Wrenn – B, B and B Podcast regular – interviewed Nicole Flockton as part of her Aspire & Inspire series. Janet asked Nicole how she develops her characters, how she edits and how she got signed with Crimson Romance.  Read this funny and off-beat interview here.

On Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books Podcast Episode 8 – Speaking in Tongues with the Poet Pettigrew – supposition is made that Bluebonnets and Bluebells could be from the same genus of plants…professional and amateur botanists are encouraged to voice their opinions.

Judge for yourself:

Janet Wrenn – B3 Podcast regular – for her series Aspire & Inspire, spoke with Jason Reinders, author of Terminally Human and Spider Webs. He’s a coffee-holic like much of the writers and thinks that everything would be better with a coffee chaser. Should have asked him if that works for beer too. And of course these two Yankees have to discuss Vikings and Packers – that’s football right? Unless it’s the Houston Texans who cares? Anyway, read her hard-hitting interview here.

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