Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Indie Publishing Podcast – Episode 15:  Gaffer Tape, Kevin Smith & Corporate Bullies

Janet joins Deena & Mark Rice to discuss gaffer tape, Kevin Smith’s talent, the Jay & Silent Bob star’s twitter battle against SW Airlines, corporate bullies and why traditional publishers seem to be imploding. The friends discuss bad writing in all forms of publishing – print, electronic, journalism, etc. Forbes magazine is called out for tarring all indies with the poor-writing tag yet failing to include major publishers in its sweeping statement, despite their history of producing lowest-common-denominator, error-ridden books. Mark takes an eye-for-an-eye approach to Forbes, pointing out that the magazine has zero literary worth, and advising it to stick to what it knows: corporate fellatio. We see Mark’s scary side when he recounts a first date.   Janet updates us on her journey to becoming a published author. Mark really must want to make ‘Die Hard With A Hard-On’, as he’s talking about it again.  Deena laughs at her husband and his nocturnal missions. Listen, laugh and learn.

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