Podcast for Indie Authors and Aspiring Writers

Janet hails from Wisconsin; where flannel, beer and cheese curds are all considered legal tender. She loved growing up in Milwaukee: home of Happy Days, Harley Davidson and Miller Beer, but from an early age she knew it wasn’t where she would stay. As fate would have it, she was seduced by a cowboy on the internet and he convinced her to move to Texas. Now she is a wife to Michael, mother to Elissa and aspiring author to many. By day she slings medical insurance to the masses, by night she attempts to scribe the life, love and mystical encounters of the paranormal. When not entertaining family, clients or fans she can be found in the enchanted world of Renaissance Faires. She is a rabid football fan who eats, drinks and breathes the Green Bay Packers, but also loves baseball and hockey. Janet is easily bribed with flowers or beer; please no ponies or chocolate. She is allergic to ponies and doesn’t like chocolate. (That is not a typo.) What she lacks in chocolate she makes up for in ice cream. And if you look like Gerard Butler slathered in ice cream, she’s available anytime after 6pm for one-on-one interviews.

Her website is www.janetwrenn.com

Her blog is www.janetwrenn.com/blog

Her twitter is @KitaraLeMur

Her Facebook Author Fan Page is www.facebook.com/pages/Janet-Wrenn-Author


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