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OMG! I am so glad we started recording this before I popped the top on my first boozie beverage….


Tiffany Tillman aka ThisRedhead Loves Books and Jennifer Theriot stepped up and damn if we didn’t have a  terrific show….no sheepshagger on this episode but we did get the low down on #IndieAuthorEvent #Mashup… Hey, what can I say…Deena Rae learned where #Mashup came from…duh….

Come on and listen to 3 semi-sober publishing bimbos talk about author events, signings, marketing and what-ever  Deena Rae’s big mouth leads them off into to…..

Please consider purchasing a book by Benjamin Daniels – the author who unexpectedly passed away the first week of August. His books may be found HERE

For information about making a donation to help his fiance with burial costs please go HERE


It’s not to late (I hope) to get your tickets for the Angels & Sinners #IndieAuthorEvent #Houston #Tampa  www.indieauthorevent.com for ticket and event information.

In the words of Tiffany – “Mad props to Kellie & Christine with EyeCandyBookstore

Episode 44 Book Expos and Boozie Book Floozies available for download  or streaming on Talkshoe


Don’t forget your single friends…

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This is a snippet of an actual conversation between Mark & Deena…now you will see why he is called “Word Boy”:

[11:28:27 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: you are acting a little metrosexual

[11:28:28 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: LMAO

[11:28:45 PM] Mark Rice: No I’m not, ya fud.

[11:28:53 PM] Mark Rice: You’re not a fud.

[11:29:02 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: are you going to tell me you are goingfor a mani/pedi/brazilian next?

[11:29:20 PM] Mark Rice: I’m just taking care of my hair like a good metallist.

[11:29:23 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: OMG, i can’t quit laughing

[11:29:33 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: i am such a butthole

[11:29:38 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: you know i am just playing

[11:29:43 PM] Mark Rice: I know.

[11:29:48 PM] Mark Rice: Titheid.

[11:29:54 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: you are the furtherest froma  metrosexual there is

[11:30:12 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: fartherest?

[11:30:16 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: from a

[11:30:23 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: fuck it, you know what i mean

[11:30:26 PM] Mark Rice: farthest or furthest

[11:30:34 PM] Mark Rice: Either of those is acceptable.

[11:30:36 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: 😛

[11:30:49 PM] Mark Rice: Farthest is only used with reference to geographical distance.

[11:31:11 PM] Mark Rice: Furthest can be used for any type of distance, geographical or otherwise.

[11:31:22 PM] Deena Schoenfeldt: get the lead out word boy

[11:31:27 PM] Mark Rice: How do I know this shit?

[11:31:35 PM] Mark Rice: It just spills oot.


If Mark is actually watching TV and knows who K-Stew & R-Pat are, the apocalypse must be coming….

Here, Mark starts out correcting Deena then moves on to our other friends as well…he just can’t help himself.  I am happy not to be a writer. I am the boss but not a writer. Just sayin’.

Grammar Nazi - Mark Rice

Mark & Deena appear on TweepNation with Dionne Lister and Amber Norrgard, who Deena discovers is an actual Ordained Minister. An offer to officiate the wedding is flung out — what is the outcome? Is there a date set?

Listen and hear the story unfold — Episode 29 — “Hallelujah! It’s Tweep Nation with Reverend Amber, Dionne, Mark and Deena!”

(Link http://www.newbiewriters.com/tweepnation/episode29TN.mp3 – please select underlined text and insert into browser.)

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