Podcast for Indie Authors and Aspiring Writers

If you are looking for a list of the shows and where to find them, you have come to the right spot. Below are brief synopses of the episodes along with links to the Talkshoe recordings and the blog posts, which feature more detailed descriptions. We make it easy for you to listen to the show as you choose: either streaming audio or downloaded as an mp3. All episodes are #Explicit unless noted.

Episode #19 Date 11.26.2012 –  TBA 

Episode #18 Date 11.19.2012 – Nicole Flockton

Episode #17 Date 11.12.2012 – Deena & Mark 

Episode #16 Date 11.05.2012 – No-So Sweet 16, Faeries, Dragons and Vegetarian Sheep Sacrifice – Dionne Lister joins Deena & Mark to talk about her YA fantasy novel, the shenanigans Amazon is up to and how to protect your Amazon “Library” from de-registering by Amazon. TS-684208.mp3

Episode #15 Date 10.29.2012 – Gaffer Tape, Kevin Smith & Corporate Bullies – Janet joins the honeymooning couple (not) for another laugh fest with publishing talk and discussion of corporate bullies. TS-682029.mp3

Episode #14 Date 10.22.2012 – Reverend Amber F’ing Norrgard – Yes a poet and erotic author who is a ordained minister is on the show and in between the discussion of poetry and writing through turmoil she performs a marriage ceremony between Deena & Mark Rice so they are married now. TS-679374.mp3

Episode #13 Date 10.15.2012 – Rocktober and Roll  Anne-Marie Klein in honor of Rocktober. TS-677380.mp3

Episode #12 Date 10.06.2012 – Happy Birthday Hedgehog…Just Sayin’ – Newbie Author Alphonso P. Spain aka Alex or Hedgehog TS-675033.mp3

Episode #11 Date 10.01.2012 – Are You For Real? – Real-ationship Marketing Guru Shelley Roth. Shelley gives some fantastic advice regarding book launches, marketing, Facebook andLinkedIn. This is a must hear episode for everyone, not just authors and indie publishers. If you use social media this show should not be missed. TS-672126.mp3

Episode #10 Date 09.24.2012 – Just the Two of Us  It’s just Deena & Mark this week but as always it’s informative. We discuss writing competitions and their value, give out successful author’s quotes on writing as a profession and some examples of bad writing turned in by students. TS-670090.mp3

Episode #9 Date 09.17.2012 Much Ado Aboot Puppets & Trolls Janet Wrenn is back again for more wackiness. This is the most out-of-control we have ever been. TS-667704.mp3

Episode #8 Date 09.10.2012 Speaking in Tongues with the Poet Pettigrew –  Deena & Mark  have the elusive and reclusive Scottish Poet James Scott Pettigrew on the podcast. Pettigrew reads various Scottish writers poems to the astonishment of Deena. This show gives a showcase to James Pettigrew and Scots writers of Writers IncTS-665303.mp3 

Episode #7 Date 09.03.2012 Vanity, Packaging & Apologies  Deena & Mark are joined by Book Publisher / Packager (and Deena’s Mother) Rita Mills of The Book Connection. They discuss the difference between traditional, self, indie and vanity publishing. Explicit TS-662801.mp3  Clean TS-663390.mp3

Episode #6 Date 08.27.2012 – Select, Stalkers & Bestsellers – Deena and Mark are joined by best selling author Maria Savva. They discuss KDP Select, Bestseller Bound, Bestseller Bound Recommends, reviews, internet stalkers. Bordellos, shrinks, BDSM literature and love of animals all come into the conversation as well. TS-660617.mp3

Episode #5 Date 08.20.2012 – Highland HoneymoonJanet Wrenn returns to deliver an update and impart words of wisdom from various authors. We discuss Mommy Porn, genre over-saturation, and the importance of constructive reviews.  TS-657947.mp3

Episode #4 Date 08.13.2012 – Punslinger, Word-Boy & Code-Girl  Mark and Deena are joined by Richard Van Holst, whose story of Charles Dickens’s sister-in-law ‘Maiden Aunt’ is included in the anthology ‘In The Wings: Stories of Forgotten Women’. Book trailers, the mythic hero journey and illogical acronyms are discussed. CLEAN TS-656067.mp3

Episode #3 Date 08.06.2012 Squirrels, Mooseknuckles and Technical Glitches – Mark and Deena have no guest in the last show of the summer season. They discuss inappropriate behavior at family waterparks, squirrels in the attic (as opposed to bats in the belfry), and what irritates them about certain books. Mark gives writing advice, Deena gives tips for formatting manuscripts, and Mark deciphers Deena’s F-Bomb-laden phrases into eloquent language. TS-653235.mp3

Episode  #2 Date 07.30.2012 Dammit Janet – Aspiring author Janet Wrenn makes her B3 debut.  The poor girl is whacked out on Vicodin but she shoulders on – she’s a professional, no matter what anyone else says. TS-651110.mp3

Episode #1 Date 07.23.2012  Pilot – Who The Hell Are We?  – Mark and Deena introduce themselves and explain the premise of the podcast. TS-643119.mp3 A detailed show description can be found on the blog posting.

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