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Texascot2Deena Rae and Peter finally catch up on everything that has happened including a stabbing, nakedness, celibacy and a wedding. Its not all doom and gloom though since we discuss former co-host Mark Rice’s upcoming sequel, the happy event of the eBay wedding, life altering repercussions from horrible events and how life goes on, usually for the better.

We also discuss first person books, editing and crappy covers.

If you are interested in reading Deena Rae’s first-person account of the attack  it is HERE and the 3-month follow up is HERE

Episode 46 Misadventures and Affirmation available for download  or streaming on Talkshoe



Texascot2Deena Rae, Peter, & Janet are joined by Gina Whitney to talk pitch parties, writing queries and Peter’s delivery of his new Quiddach broom from Amazon.

Episode 45 Pitches, Queries & Quiddach Brooms available for download  or streaming on Talkshoe


To watch the un-edited video :

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