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Deena is back with Peter and Janet to kick the new year off right. We get to catch up with the 3 hosts to find out if Janet is still an aspiring author, if Peter has published anything this year, and if Deena has started a career in porn. Just kidding but she does make the leap into publishing her own book and gives plugs to herself.  We talk about promoting books, pricing them, puking, and Peter’s affinity for hugging wood and the pyromaniac tendencies of one of the hosts.

Episode 37 Pricing Promotion and Pyromaniacs or streaming 

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Janet Wrenn – B, B and B Podcast regular – interviewed Nicole Flockton as part of her Aspire & Inspire series. Janet asked Nicole how she develops her characters, how she edits and how she got signed with Crimson Romance.  Read this funny and off-beat interview here.

Janet Wrenn – B,B and B Podcast regular – did for her series Aspire & Inspire, she spoke with Charity Parkerson, author of The Sinners Series, the Sexy Witches Series, and soon-to-be-released A Splash of Hope. Janet asked Charity such hard-hitting questions as whether she would she choose handcuffs or cat o’nine tails, how she got started with podcasts, and which of her characters is her favorite.  Read this funny and off-beat interview here.

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